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    amp;quot;Bonzie and I first got chatting late one night, and light pink bridesmaid dresses I soon discovered I had met a kindred spirit;Today, I have so much pleasure in welcoming the lovely Chris and Dani Barber of Chris Barber Media on board as new Love My Dress sponsors.You can learn more about this talented duo of wedding photographers here, and whilst they may be in Scotland, remember my point made in this morning's feature that you should ALWAYS consider talent and ability over the location of a wedding supplier the best suppliers will travel and it is WELL worth investing in covering their travel expenses.
    You're only going to look 'bridey' once in your life!The Shoe DesignerI swooned as per usual over Emmy Scarterfield’s amazing, amazing shoes.I need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Love My Dress; I need to know which parts you enjoy the most and which you could do without.
    When the subject of the wedding came up, I just naturally leant towards wanting a twenties theme I think Dan went along with it to keep me happy at first, but by then end of it all he was pointing out things that were art deco and saying 'ooo that’s nice!The only thing we specified was that we modest bridesmaid dresses wanted some pictures in the fields at Rivington, but other than that we left them to be creative, and they were!To me, these photographs beautifully capture the romance between a very much in love, care-free and fun-loving couple on their special day, and I adore the vintage vibe, and those crocheted stockings.with one beautiful little girl (Eska Eleanor) who is 4 and a half.amp;quot;That planning a wedding brings out all emotions, good and bad, and that negotiating them together is part of the journey!Etsy is the new EBay and Amazon all rolled into one big online marketplace of home-making, hand-crafted gorgeousnessEtsy enables anyone, anywhere, who possesses genuine design/creative talent, the opportunity to showcase their worksand sell their designs online from the comfort of their own home.This latest real wedding feature I have to share should inject more than a little glamour into your Thursday mornings.I can but dream about owning one of your incredible designs though next time I am in London, I shall definitely be taking up that offer of visiting you in your studio to take some photographs for Love My Dress that's after coffee, of course!Her bouquet included white tea roses, lilac lizianthums, cheap black bridesmaid dresses and trailing ivy, which actually trailed right down to Stacie's feet.If not, don't worry, we have a full section dedicated to those exhibiting (click here) and our latest addition to be featured is on the lovely Luella's Boudoir.I just had to share these with you (and thank Liv Lindelius for bringing them to my attention).I started out Love My Dress as a personal project to help keep my sanity, and, if I'm honest, to feed my total obsession with pretty pictures and my love for writing.As I was sat browsing through their pages of creative inspiration yesterday evening in the bath, page 14 and it's 'pretty, lovely' things caught my eye.The diocesan bishop carries out the consecration and he becomes the virgin’s spiritual father in the consecrated life.Anna's bracelet was matching from the same company, all brought over by an Australian guest.Dolly pegs to secure the menus in place and also the guest used them to help keep their napkins in place, Fortnum and Mason chocolate champagne truffles as favours (these were the chocolates Michael bought me on our first Valentines).
    amp;quot;Shoes are the sculpture that holds and supports you on your special day, make sure you love and inexpensive bridesmaid dresses cherish them forever, don't under estimate the beauty of shoes, they portray your spirit and character"We are located in Cookham in the heart of the Berkshire country side.If things are not going quite going to plan just let it be and don't let anything spoil the most amazing time of your life!Some of our younger guests were convinced these were edible.As long a woman feels comfortable and sexy, she will always exude it;amp;quot; Words of Wedded Wisdom"Just try and enjoy the whole process as much as possible as it's over in a flash.amp;quot; Sisterly Love"As Emma (my sister and bridesmaid) lives 400 miles away and had recently given birth to her first baby (my beautiful niece Elizabeth Pearl), co-ordinating dress shopping was a bit tricky.
    This photoshoot took place on a Sunday morning when the temperature was -14 degrees (no joke!Brides that love fashion and style will adore this website, I tell you!Unlike Louis s best friend Oli Wright, 23, who Nowcan reveal in a shock twist, is an item with Briana s cousin Ashley Clark, 21.
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